My Windows environment, 2018 edition

I think I’ve found a workable solution for Unicode support from a Windows command line. I’ve made various posts about editing tools in this blog but I hadn’t found one satisfactory. Sinan Ünür and I took another wack at configuring something to handle Unicode (mostly to support my work on Learning Perl 6) and I think we have something that works. Continue reading “My Windows environment, 2018 edition”

Learning Perl adds DOS command examples

Windows commands get short shrift when we write about system, and I’m just as guilty as anyone else. In the “Process Management” chapter Learning Perl, we barely mention Windows. In the seventh edition, I want to change that to have a Windows example for each Unix example if I can develop a reasonable homologue. With Stackoverflow, that’s not so hard. Continue reading “Learning Perl adds DOS command examples”

The M+ console font

Sinan Ünür sent me a screenshot of his use of the console font M+. He uses ConEmu, one of the tabbed console programs I showed in Windows Command Shells. It has the same failings that they all do since they all use the same underpinnings, but it’s other features are nice. He’s talked about some of his struggles: Continue reading “The M+ console font”

Looking for Win32::OLE examples

I’m looking for some cool Win32::OLE examples for controlling Windows apps from Perl. Reply, email me, post a gist, or whatever.

Areas where Windows Perl has problems

There are some areas where Perl on Windows doesn’t quite work. In some of these, such as forking, that’s because Windows doesn’t work like that. In others, it’s because the code people have created with Perl, isn’t portable.

I’m collecting some of those problems here and will improve on this post as I get feedback. This is more of a scratchpad for future thing than a fleshed-out idea. You can help! Continue reading “Areas where Windows Perl has problems”

Python on Windows is hard too

I’ve been looking around at other languages to see how they adapt to the Windows environment. Sinan Ünür sent me a link to Jessica McKellar’s “The Future of Python” from the New Zealand Python User Group. Get past the language bashing at the beginning (and see Tim Bunce’s TIOBE or not TIOBE – “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”), she has some interesting things to say about Python on Windows and how hard it is for newbies on Windows to get started. Continue reading “Python on Windows is hard too”

Getting with the program

I’m not a Windows person, and I’m not trying to hide that. Part of this challenge I’ve given myself involves my discomfort and ignorance of the operating system I see on many a businessperson’s desk and often foisted onto their developer’s desks.

The pain of this process is apparent to anyone who didn’t start on Windows. They come into the situation trying to replicate the environment that they use on the non-Windows system. It’s not just a different operating system; it’s a different way of thinking. Continue reading “Getting with the program”

What’s your Windows Perl environment?

I’ve listed some tools in Text Editors for Windows Perl and Windows command shells. What do you use?

I know that many people use cygwin, and if you do feel free to tell me about it. I’m interested in how you edit files and how you run programs. If you feel like taking a screenshot of your Desktop showing your set up, I’m curious to see what colors you use too. What do you do to personalize your environment?

I’ve outlined my current environment, but that’s also changing as I try new things.