Python on Windows is hard too

I’ve been looking around at other languages to see how they adapt to the Windows environment. Sinan Ünür sent me a link to Jessica McKellar’s “The Future of Python” from the New Zealand Python User Group. Get past the language bashing at the beginning (and see Tim Bunce’s TIOBE or not TIOBE – “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”), she has some interesting things to say about Python on Windows and how hard it is for newbies on Windows to get started. Continue reading “Python on Windows is hard too”

Getting with the program

I’m not a Windows person, and I’m not trying to hide that. Part of this challenge I’ve given myself involves my discomfort and ignorance of the operating system I see on many a businessperson’s desk and often foisted onto their developer’s desks.

The pain of this process is apparent to anyone who didn’t start on Windows. They come into the situation trying to replicate the environment that they use on the non-Windows system. It’s not just a different operating system; it’s a different way of thinking. Continue reading “Getting with the program”